A datacenter is a type of facility that will turn a business’s IT operations and equipment into one big central system. It can then store, manage, and disseminate the data in a much smoother method. A datacenter facility can store a network’s sensitive and important systems and are the core of businesses. A datacenter facility will keep a business running as well as keep the information safe.

Classification of Datacenters

Typically, datacenters fall under the terms Internet or enterprise (internal). An Internet-facing datacenter typically has a few applications, is generally browser-based, though it has quite a few users which are most likely anonymous. An enterprise datacenter has less users but typically has quite a few more applications, which can be anything from custom to as-is.

Datacenter Buildings

The way a data center is built and the requirements it must have can be quite varied depending on what is needed. A cloud service provider datacenter is going to be quite different than a datacenter built to be completely private. It all depends on the information that is going to be stored there and each situation is going to vary on its own.

Aspects of Datacenters

No matter whether it is an Internet or enterprise, a good datacenter works best through cooperation in all aspects. Here are some of the aspects of a datacenter:

  1. The Facility. This is where the IT equipment goes. They use quite a bit of energy because the information is always accessible. The equipment must be kept within a certain temperature and humidity range, which can also add to the costs. Due to the specifications, the building design also depends on what equipment is housed inside.
  2. Supporting Equipment. From uninterruptible power sources (generators, redundant power sources, battery banks), the control of the environment (air conditioning, heating, ventilation, exhaust), to the physical security system (video surveillance, biometrics), there’s a lot that goes into making sure the equipment stays in the best condition possible.
  3. The IT Equipment. Of course, there is the physical equipment that stores the data. The servers, cables, racks, storage hardware, and things like firewalls are included.
  4. The Staff. These people watch operations and keep an eye on the IT and supporting equipment at all times.

Datacenter Facilities have grown and changed from what they were, and they still are. They are truly the backbone of many businesses around the world, without them, the data companies rely on would be out in the world, unprotected.


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